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Why should one invest in Lipetsk region?

It is an area of political stability, one of the most dynamically developing regions, a leader among the entities of the Russian Federation in many social and economic indicators.

The region has the following advantages:

  • convenient geographical location in the centre of the European part of Russia;
  • well-developed local investment legislation which guarantees investors their rights and grants them tax privileges;
  • railway and automobile lines of Federal significance;
  • highly developed industries, including enterprises with foreign shares;
  • progressive regional government ready to assist the investor;
  • experience of dealing with investors and understanding their interests;
  • provision of various consulting services to investors;
  • qualified workers and administrative staff;
  • advanced banking and insurance systems, developed infrastructure of modern means of communication;
  • rich chernozems (black soils) and the climate favourable for agriculture and development of food processing industries;
  • comfortable hotels, possibility of renting high-class apartments and houses;
  • a mud-bath spa.

Foreign economic relations

Foreign trade of Lipetsk region in 2009

The foreign trade turnover of Lipetsk region in 2009 made 3624 mln.USD, which is 46% less than in 2008.

Export of Lipetsk region decreased by 47% and made 2800 mln.USD.

The regional import decreased by 43% and made 824 mln.USD.

Foreign trade balance is positive - 1976 mln.USD.

Totally in foreign trade turnover of Lipetsk region export includes 77%, import -23%.

The commodity circulation with CIS countries decreased by 48% and made 371 mln. USD. Export - 172 mln. USD (58% less). Import decreased by 33% and made 199 mln. USD.

The commodity circulation with foreign countries decreased by 46% and made 3253 mln. USD. Export - 2628 mln. USD (46% less). Import decreased by 47% and made 625 mln. USD.

The regional export is based on ferrous metals (93,2%). Besides this, machinery (3,5%), foods and raw materials (2,0%), petrochemical products (0,8%) and e.t.c. (0,5%) are being supplied to the foreign markets.

The regional import is based on machinery and equipment (55,8%), also imported foods and raw materials (17,3%), petrochemical products (16,7%), ferrous metals (8,1%), etc - (2,1%).

Lipetsk region conducts export and import operations with more than 70 countries of the world.

Italy, Turkey, Denmark, Germany, USA, Austria, China and Ukraine are main foreign trade partners of the region in 2009. The turnover with those countries is app. 80%.






International investment activity

Steady inflow of foreign investments into the economy of the region is a result of the favourable investment climate based on improvement of legislation, active investment policy and decrease of investment risks.

Nearly 100 enterprises with foreign shares work at the territory of the region. The majority of them are engaged in the sphere of production and processing of agricultural products and food stuff, in trade and public catering, in construction, in production of building materials and industrial goods. The best known are JSC "Golden Rooster Invest", chicken meet producer; JSC "Progress", juice and apple concentrate producer; JSC "Komtez", rims' producer; JSC "J. T. Tabacco -Elez", refined tobacco and cigarettes producer. More than 10,000 people work at enterprises with foreign investments. Venture fund "Eagle-Chernozemje" has invested more than US$5 mln into the projects of JSC "Strojdetal" and JSC "Lipetsky Khladokombinat".

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