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State support of Residents

On the federal level

On the regional level

Non-financial measures
of state support

Increased (doubled) coefficient of depreciation reserves is applied with regard to the fixed assets, but not higher than 2.

4 points decrease of profit tax within 5 years

"Single-window" documents acceptance

No restrictions with regard to damage transfer for a future period.

5-year property tax exemption since the date of property registration

Town-planning norms are not fixed for lots located within the borders of SEZ

Research and development works expenditure (even those with failure results) is written off during the period of their implementation.

Guarantees of the regional authorities for loans and credits taken for implementation of investments projects.

SEZ residents can loose their status only under court decision.

Alteration of laws (with exception of excisable goods taxation acts) will not be applied to SEZ residents during the period of agreement.

Mortgage fund for maintenance of execution of obligations of subjects of the investment activity realizing highly effective investment projects in territory of the region, under credits of the financial-credit organizations. As of 01.11.2005 the fund is generated in the sum 1,6 billion rubles.

Customs privileges(free customs zone regime ):

Land tax exemption for the first 5 years since the date of the registration.

Foreign goods are brought to the zone without customs duties and VAT.

Transport tax exemption for the first 5 years since the date of the registration.

Russian-made goods are deposited and consumed on the terms applied for goods exported with excise but tax free.

Maximum rent for lots is 2% of their cadastral cost annually.

For goods exported from the SEZ out of the territory of Russia import customs duties and taxes are not levied; export taxes are fully paid with exception of those for foreign goods imported to SEZ and later exported unchanged.

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