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Economy of area



In recent years the social and economic situation in the region has been characterized by strong and dynamic growth with an evident tendency to positive changes in every economic sector.

1. Index of industrial production, % 106.5 98.0 §
2. Consolidated index of industrial production by economic sectors, %      
Mining operations 121.9 116.5 §
Processing industries 106.7 97.7 §
Power, gas and water production and distribution 99.3 101.1 §
3. Regional goods and services by economic sectors, billion rubles      
Mining operations 3.5 4.2 121.1
Processing industries 252.4 315.5 125.0
Power, gas and water production and distribution 12.6 16.1 128.2
4. Total investments in fixed capital , billion rubles (adjusted year-on-year growth) 64.7 81.5 107
5. - housing, '000 sq.m. 705.1 721.9 102.4
  Out of the total volume:      
6. with participation of the Svoy Dom Regional State Unitary Enterprise, '000 sq.m. 302.7 305 100.8
7. Total agricultural output, billion rubles (adjusted year-on-year growth) 31.5 46 118
  Agricultural output, '000 tons      
8. - processed grain 1794 2913.4 162.4
9. - sugar beet 2117.6 1891.3 89.3
10. - milk, total 321.8 296.4 92.1
11. - total sales of cattle and poultry for slaughter (in live weight) 149.0 166.5 111.7
12. - eggs total, million pcs 453.6 482.5 106.4
13. Retail trade turnover, billion rubles (adjusted year-on-year growth) 68.7 93.4 117.3
14. Marketed services, billion rubles (adjusted year-on-year growth) 18.1 21.9 106.5
15. Public services, billion rubles (adjusted year-on-year growth) 2.9 3.8 109.7
16. Road freight turnover (large and medium-sized enterprises), million ton-kilometers 692.3 714.6 103.2
17. Public passenger turnover, million passenger-kilometers 1283.5 1305.3 101.7
18. Index of consumer price for goods and marketed services in December (year-on-year, %) 113.6 116 §
19. - goods 113.7 114.9 §
20. - marketed services 113.4 119.5 §
21. - public services 126.3 120.9 §
22. Monthly average per capita income, rubles 9610.6 12458.8 129.6
23. Real available income, % 113.4 111.1 §
24. Average monthly nominal salary/wages, rubles 10907 13617 124.8
25. Salary/wages in arrears, million rubles 5.7 36.7 6 times
26. Total employment, '000 persons 399.8 397.5 99.4
27. Unemployment, % 0.8 1.0 §

The region continues to maintain its leading position in the ratings of reputable international and Russian agencies among regions of both the Central Federal District and the Russian Federation as a whole.

International rating agency Fitch Ratings has raised the long-term ratings of the Lipetsk region:

  • in foreign currency: long-term BB;
  • in national currency: long-term BB;
  • according to a national scale: └└-(rus).

Ratings forecast "Stable".

In accordance with the results of competitive selection of the Russian Federation Ministry of economic development

the region has taken 1 place among the superior executive public authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation concerning the rendering of support in administrative reform realization.

According to the Institute of regional policy the region was included in number of the regions - leaders of competitiveness:

  • 4-th place in the Central Federal District,
  • 14-th place in Russia.

Rating agency "Expert RA"

"Rating of investment attraction of the Russian regions of 2007-2008", including:

  Central Federal District Russia
investment risk level 1 1
social risk level 1 1
criminal risk level 1 4


Gross regional product

The processes, taking place in recent months of 2008 in the economy of the region under the influence of world financial crisis, have caused a slowdown of achieved in recent 2 years high growth rates of a gross regional product. According to estimation in 2008 a gross regional product will make more than 260 billion rubles with an index of actual volume - 102.6 %. Over a period of 2000-2008 the increment of a gross regional product will make 72 %.

Changes of a gross regional product in 2000-2008

In the structure of a gross regional product the manufacturing activities are predominant - 51%. In trade and consumer services 11 % of the gross added value, in an agriculture - 9 %, in construction - 7 %, in transport and communication - 5 % were produced.



Predominant kind of activity in the industry is metal manufacture.

Sectoral structure of industrial production, in %

Activity categories relating to industrial complex: 100 100
Electrical energy, gas and water production and distribution 6 5
Metal manufacture 60 62
Machinery and equipment production 9 8
Production of other nonmetallic mineral products 2 3
Production of food products 18 17
Other production 5 5

Volume and dynamics of industrial production

The enterprises of the region in 2008 shipped the production to the sum of 335.8 billion rubles, what is 1.2 times more than the level of 2007.

The machine-building enterprises increased manufacture of centrifugal pumps (135 %), hydraulic actuators and hydroautomatics (127 %), tractor cultivators (135 %), processing equipment for processing branches of the agroindustrial complex (134 %).

The building of wooden houses was increased - 3.5 times, manufacture of metal-plastic windows - 1.7 times, metal-plastic doors - 1.4 times, extraction of nonmetalliferous building materials - 1.4 times.

Within the framework of the operating regional Laws and Programs the right on government support in the form of warranties of regional authorities, tax concessions, funding of the interest rate under the bank credits, ensuring of the obligations at the expense of pledge fund of the region was given to enterprises on a competitive basis. The total sum of cash means given from the regional budget for these purposes in 2008 amounted to 1.8 billion rubles; as a result the enterprises attracted about 16 billion rubles of the investments, created more than 2.5 thousand of new workplaces.



Farming industry develops in conditions of intensification and introduction of innovation techniques, increase of a volume of the investments and improvement of competitive advantages of products.

According to a gross output production per head the region takes 3rd place in the Russian Federation and Central Federal District.

In 2008 the volume of a gross production amounted to 46 billion rubles with growth by past year 118%.

Basic indicators of the agroindustrial complex development in 2008

In 2008 3 million tons of a grain were produced (with growth - 1.6 times), 1.9 million tons of sugar beet, 288 thous. tons of beet sugar, 296 thous. tons of natural milk products, 166 thous. tons of a meat, 482.5 million eggs.

Grain crop yield exceeded 42 centner/hectare, sugar beet yield - 386 centner/hectare, milk yield for a cow - 4.3 thous. kg.

In recent three years government support for villages exceeded 7.6 billion rubles, in 2008 - 3.5 billion rubles or 133% to the level of 2007.

The interregional relations are actively developed. More than 90% of macaroni goods and canned fruits and vegetables, juices are taken outside the region, more than 80% - shugar, 75% - meat, 60% - confectioneries, 30% - grain, 25% - milk products.

From the beginning of implementation of the priority national project "The agroindustrial complex development" 43 investment projects were realized, including in the meat and milk cattle breeding - 24, pig-breeding - 14, poultry-farming - 5. The output is increased by 100 thousand tons of pork, 65 thousand tons - broiler meat, 80 thousand tons - milk. More than 3 thousand of new workplaces were created.

The considerable contribution to food providing of the region is made by small farms. At personal farmsteads more than 32 thousand of villagers work. They produce about 50 % of a gross agriculture production, 98 % - potatoes, 90 % - vegetables and honey, 80 % - wool, 40 % - milk, meat, fruits and berries.

The main task of the development of agroindustrial complex for 2009 is an effective use of a cumulative potential, achievement of financial stability of all forms of the farms in the village, arrangement of conditions for a further development of agricultural territories.

Production of a sugar beet will exceed a level of 2008 by 7%, meat - 4%, productivity of a dairy herd will increase by 4%.

It is necessary to complete a building and reconstruction of 13 started and 9 new projects, created for development of the branch. About 1 thousand of the new workplaces will be created. It is planned to built and purchase 20 thous. sq.m. of housing habitation, including for young families and young specialists - 15.5 thous. sq.m..


Housing construction

In 2008 in the region 721,9 thousand sq. m of housing accommodation with the growth of 102 % is constructed and placed in operation, including individual builders - 366,5 thousand sq.m. Input of housing accommodation per capita constituted 0,61 sq. m that exceeds middle Russian level - 0,45 sq.m.

Realization of regional housing programmes has proceeded. 356 thousand sq.m. of housing accommodation is constructed, about 2 thousand contracts are concluded in the frameworks of the programmes. The state support has constituted 461,6 million rbl., including of means of the federal budget in the sum of 119,6 million rbl., the regional budget in the sum of 342 million rbl.

65 housing certificates for the sum of 74,3 million rbl have arrived within the limits of realization of the national project "Accessible and comfortable housing accommodation is to citizens of Russia" according to a federal purpose-oriented programme "Dwelling".

With the purposes of support of a building complex of the region in the conditions of influence of world crisis the series of measures, directed on capital formation of the federal budget is realized.

The public company "DSK" has participated in federal selection of quotations on sale of apartments for the had dismissed and dismissed military men. 64 apartments will be acquired from it for the sum of 97,3 million rbl.

Now by the Governmental commission the regional demand for granting of budgetary appropriations of Investment foundation of the Russian Federation for realization of a regional capital investment project "building up of the residential area "Yeletskyy" in Lipetsk" is approved. On conditions of joint finance with the regional budget 207 million rbl. will arrive on these purposes in the region in 2009.


Investment activity

In economy of the region 81,5 billion rbl. with growth of 107 % is invested at the expense of all sources of finance, that almost in 2 times exceeds incomes of the budget of the region. The share of permanent investments in the Gross Regional Product has constituted 31,2% that corresponds to indicators of intensively developing industrial countries.

Dynamics of permanent investments, growth rates of investments to a previous year

The volume of foreign investments has constituted 1,8 billion US dollars which is 14 times more, than in 2007. Foreign investments, basically, were directed to manufacturing industry, including the metallurgical one. Their significant growth will be reached in connection with end of the bargain of the public company "NLMC" on attraction of a syndicated loan which will be used on realization of actions of the Program of modernization.



The region possesses the developed transport infrastructure which is organically integrated into the transport system of the Russian Federation. Modern automobile highways connect the regional centre with all adjoining regions, and also with lines of federal significance: Moscow-Rostov, Moscow - Volgograd. The total combined length of the highways in the region is is 7.4 thousand kilometers. The Lipetsk region is in the top ten of regions with high concentration of highways.

In 2008 about 185 million persons (102 % to level of 2006.) is transported by the motor transport enterprises, including more than 151 million persons (98 %) on social-significant routes.

To services of passengers 526 bus routes are granted, including: 172 - urban, 287 - suburban, 67 - interurban. Besides, 14 school routes are organized for transportation pupils of single-area schools of the region.

More than 1,7 thousand units of a mobile stock serve a route network: 1521 buses, 123 trolley buses, 68 trams, including 1084 units of the mobile stock of the enterprises, carrying out social-significant transportation.

The market of passenger transportation services continues to develop at the expense of attraction to transportation private businessmen which independently serve 83 routes (80 routes in 2007Ń.).

The right to acquisition of uniform social passage tickets has been accorded with the purposes of creation of conditions on equal availability of motor transportation services to federal and regional categories of exempts, the pensioners receiving pension in size below size of a subsistence. The uniform social passage tickets have been realized more than 911 thousand pieces for the sum exceeding 152 million rbl.

The general extent of a railway system constitutes 757 km. The territory is crossed by three trunk-railways connecting Moscow with industrial centres of the south of Russia - Voronezh, Rostov, the North Caucasus and Donbass, with the Volga region, and also with the western cities: Oryol, Bryansk, Smolensk. Yelets and Gryazy are the largest junctions.

The airport is in the process of developing. The quantity of the executed trips (118 %) and the transported passengers (109 %) has increased in 2008.

The round-the-clock business centre, post office, a cash dispense are opened for improvement of preflight service of air passengers.

In 2009 reconstruction of an aerostation complex will proceed with the purposes of arrangement and equipment of check point through frontier of the Russian Federation. After reconstruction the airport "Lipetsk" can ensure flights on the international and internal lines of passenger and cargo aircrafts of type Tu-154, IL-214, IL-76, and also foreign aircrafts with gross weight to 195 tons.

The infrastructure of transport market is in the process of development, a number of stocks, transport terminals, and wholesale and cash-and-carry depots function in the territory of the region. The services of freight inroad transport are in solvent demand. Freight turnover has increased by 13% in comparison to the year 2007.



Consumer market

Despite a financial crisis it was possible to save high indicators of development of the branch. The turn-over of retail trade has constituted more than 93 billion rbl. ( 117 % of growth) of catering - about 3,2 billion rbl. (110 % of growth), of personal services - more than 3,8 billion rbl. (110 % of growth).

Consumer market development in the Lipetsk region for 2003-2008

Supply with floor spaces on 1000 inhabitants has increased by 23 sq. m and constitutes 374 sq. m for January, 1st, 2009, supply with seats in popular public catering establishments constitutes 21 seats.

More than 300 trading enterprises and public catering, including 173 ones or 58% in the region are put into operation. About 2 thousand jobs are organized in addition.

In 2008 the deceleration trend of sales of goods in the retail markets was saved. The sales volume of the goods in the retail markets has constituted 84 % to a relevant period of 2007, the share of the markets in the turn-over of retail trade was reduced to 14 % against 19 % in 2007.

However large trade enterprises, basically, take places in the regional or district centres, therefore the problem of territorial and price availability of the goods and services in a countryside is saved.

Sale of goods per capita as a whole in the region constituted about 80 thousand rbl., in the districts - more than 47 thousand rbl.

Goods Sales per Capita in the areas of the region in 2008, ths rbls

Realization of the Program of the state support of trading service of rural population of the Lipetsk region for the period of 2006-2008 is finished. During its realization the volume of financing has constituted 59,4 million rbl. of the regional budget, including 16,8 million rbl in 2008.

Realization of actions of the program has allowed to ensure year-on-year growth of the turn-over of retail trade in the countryside, sale of goods of not food group and trading service of the settlements which do not have stationary commercial network.

Realization of regional retail fairs on sale of the consumer goods in cities and the regional centres does not lose its urgency. 23 regional fairs are carried out in 2008.

Within the limits of the Agreement on trade and economic cooperation 4 fairs are carried out in Moscow.

The monitoring system of quality and safety of alcoholic production is debugged. Quality over 500 thousand decalitres of delivered alcoholic production is checked up in the accredited laboratories. It makes up 25 % from the imported volume. Almost 10 thousand decalitres of alcoholic items are not admitted to realization.



Personal services

Consumer services sector is one of the most important sectors in providing the needs of citizens with the different kinds of services and relates to a category of socially significant one. In the structure of paid services the personal services make up 17%.

During 2008 there are about 120 objects of consumer services were opened in the region, more than a half of them - in the districts. There are about 3 thousand objects of communal services and amenities and individual entrepreneurs of this branch, 7.5 thousand persons are employed.

As a whole in the region there were rendered personal services to the sum of 3.2 thousand rubles per one inhabitant, in districts - 1.1 thousand rubles

The volume of personal services per one inhabitant in the districs of the region for 2008, rubles



Prices and tariffs

Consumer Price Index of the region amounted to 116%, what is higher than the level of 2007 by 2.4 percentage points and mean level of the Russian Federation - by 2.7 percentage points (113.3%).

In 2008 the tendency of growth rates of the prices for provisions was stable in comparison with growth rates of the prices for nonfoods.

The basic causes of rise in prices for provisions are rise in prices for the products of natural monopolies, insufficient competitiveness in the food market, advance growth of solvent demand for goods in comparison with its supply.

Basic directions for inflation containment in 2009 are:

  • promotion of market relations and competitiveness;
  • systematic monitoring of the consumer prices for socially significant kinds of provisions and its results analysis;
  • application of economic methods of the quotation processes management in the field of production, trade and services.



Insurance and banking

At present time there are 6 regional insurance companies and 33 affiliated branches (representatives) of the other Russian Federation regions insurance companies which work on the territory of the region.

"Lipetsk newspaper" has a permanent column "Insurance alphabet".

The further development of the market of insurance services will be directed to assistance to extension of the volumes and kinds of voluntary insurance in the region.

On the territory of the region there are structural subdivisions of 53 Russian banks and 2 regional banks: public corporation "Lipetskoblbank", public corporation "Lipetskkombank".

Total sum of the bank resources of the working lending agencies and affiliated branches increased during 2008 by 8% and amounted to about 73 billion rubles. The resource base of the banks is formed mainly at the expense of attracted means (contributions of the citizens, deposits of the legal persons).

The credit investments increased by 16% and now exceed 69 billion rubles. The banks invested 74% of all credit portfolio into economy of the region.



Financial position of enterprises

For 2008 a balanced financial result (profit) amounted to 117 billion rubles, what 1.7 times exceeds the level of preceding year.

All basis activities are profitable except for transport. The profit increased for all kinds of activity, except for electrical energy, gas and water production and distribution, and also real estate operations.

The share of the profitable enterprises amounts to 78%.

At the same time the state of calculations in the economy became worse. The level of an overdue account payable on 01.01.2009 amounted to 6 %. The most part in the structure of overdue accounts payable belongs to enterprises of manufacturing activity and agriculture.

The part of overdue accounts receivable exceeds 8 % of total volume. The most part of specific weight in its structure belongs to enterprises of manufacturing activities.



Living standard of the population

According to the All-Russian Center of Living Standard the region is related to the subjects with high level of development of a human potential and takes 3 place in the Central Federal District after Moscow and Belgorod region in accordance with basic indicators of population life quality.

The real available cash incomes for 2008 increased by 11%, average per capita incomes - by 29.6%, pension - by 23%.

Average monthly wages increased by 26% and amounted to 13509 rubles, having surpassed a growth of inflation by 8 percentage points.

Living standard of population of the region in 2007-2008

In IV quarter of 2008 the problem of wage indebtedness repayment was aggravated. The indebtedness on January 1, 2009 amounted to 36.7 million rubles, having increased 6.4 times by the beginning of 2008.

With the purpose of a wage indebtedness repayment the coordination and cooperation with supervisory and control bodies was heightened. The joint plan of additional measures was worked out, within the bounds of which a weekly indebtedness condition monitoring in the context of the territories, branches, separate organizations and the control of debtors are carried out; the control of fulfillment of a wage repayment schedules is organized.

The special trilateral commission meetings about regulation of the social and labour relations and the repayment and further non-admission of wage indebtedness were conducted.

In accordance with the results of the meetings of the regional Crisis-Proof Board, hold on 22.01.09 and 29.01.09 about an employment and wage indebtedness repayment, the appropriate commissions were given to the leaders of organizations, executive boards of public authorities of the region and debtors.

The facts of untimely wage payment and measures taken against the labour legislation infringers are showed and mentioned by Mass Media.

The measures of social support to preferential categories of the citizens were given in full, about 4 billion rubles were spent from the budgets of all levels for these purposes, which is 14% higher than it was in 2007.

The volume of the social payments to a low-income population from the budget of the region increased by 10% and amounted to 1.1 billion rubles. 128 thousand of citizens received an address help to the sum of 154.4 million rubles with growth of 113%, its rate per one person a year increased by 45% and amounted to 1.2 thousand rubles. The subsidies for payment of housing and communal services amounted to about 548 million rubles with growth of 111%.

Public assistance to poor population, provided from the budget of the region, million rubles

As a result of the taken measures a population size with cash incomes lower than a size of living-wage amounted to 122 thousand persons, its part in a total number of population - 10.8% (at a level of 2007). An average per capita income of a poor population increased during the year more than by one third.


Territorial development

One of the key problems of the regional administration policy is a providing of a balanced development of the territories.

According to the results of an integrated assessment the grants from the regional fund of expenses co-financing were given to the budgets of 10 municipal districts and urban districts, which provided the highest results of social and economic development, quality of financial management and paying capacity, to the total sum of 10 million rubles.

An introduction of innovation financial mechanisms at municipal level was started. Practically in all municipal regions and urban districts the municipal mortgaging funds to the total sum of 556.6 million rubles are created.

For the purpose of providing of a complex development of the region in the all urban districts the Strategic plans of the social and economic development of the territories were approved. As a result of competitive selection of the best municipal Strategies the grants from the regional fund of financing to the sum of 1.4 million rubles were given to the budgets of 4 municipal districts. The organization of a strategic planning at a level of rural settlements is carried out.

Process of strategic planning in municipal organizations of the Lipetsk region



Name of the regional goal-oriented programs
1. "Development of physical training and sport in the Lipetsk region (2009-2013)"
2. "Lipetsk region youth (2009-2013)
3. "Patriotic education of the Lipetsk region population (2009-2013)"
4. "Civil society development(2009-2012)"
5. "Complex program for the law violation prevention in the Lipetsk region (2009-2012)"
6. "Drug abuse and its illegal sale complex countermeasures (2009-2012)"
7. "About civil protection in the Lipetsk region (2009-2012)"
8. "Ensuring safety of a road traffic in the Lipetsk region (2009-2012)"
9. "Plan for expansion of small and medium business in the Lipetsk region (2009-2012)"
10. "Environmental protection of the Lipetsk region (2009-2011)"
11. "Development and use of a mineral and raw materials base of the Lipetsk region (2009-2011)"
12. "Administrative reform in the Lipetsk region (2009-2010)"
13. "Reforming of the regional and municipal finances of the Lipetsk region (2009)"
14. "About corruption counteraction of the Lipetsk region (2009-2012)"
15. "About government support for providing of the young families by housing before 2010"
16. "Own house"
17. "Mortgage lending"
18. "Modernization of education in the Lipetsk region for 2009-2011"
19. "Industry development of the Lipetsk region for 2009-2011"
20. "Population of the Lipetsk region: strategy of population preservation (2009-2014)"
21. "Development of the system of community health protection in the Lipetsk region (2009-2013) "
22. "Improvement of conditions and protection of labour for 2009-2011"
23. "Assistance program for voluntary transmigration of the compatriots living abroad into the Lipetsk region for 2007-2012"
24. "Building and reconstruction of the objects of a social infrastructure for 2009-2011"
25. "Development of housing construction for 2009-2013"
26. "Culture development of the Lipetsk region for 2009-2013"
27. "Forests of the Lipetsk region (2009-2011)"
28. "Development of an agriculture and regulation of the markets of agriculture production, raw materials and provisions of the Lipetsk region for 2009-2012"
29. "Social development of the villages of Lipetsk region for 2009-2012"
30. "Modernization of a municipal infrastructure objects of the Lipetsk region for 2005-2010"
31. "The program of road activities of the Lipetsk region for 2009-2011"
32. "Creation of the computer-based system of management of a state land cadastre, state real estate objects and other state property accounting on the territory of the Lipetsk region (2009-2011) "
33. "Development of a government service of the Lipetsk region for 2009-2013"