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We hope, your visiting our site will be interesting and useful for you. Lipetsk regional administration will consider your suggestions, business cooperation projects and investments projects.
We shall be thankful for your proposals concerning working of the regional administration and its departments, developing main branches of economical and social politics

We are glad to present you the Lipetsk region - one of most successful and dynamically developing areas of the modern Russia. Though the territory of our region is small and it is under-populated, our region has the high scientific, technical and industrial potential, the advanced infrastructure. Production of our ferrous metallurgy and mechanical engineering is well-known at home and abroad. Electric power industry, the industries of building materials, the food-processing industry and a number of other branches are successfully developing. The agriculture gets on well. The network of the enterprises of processing industry is advanced. The enterprises of small-scale and medium-sized business, including those of created at participation of the foreign capital, infuse a fresh spirit into development of an economic infrastructure.

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